Superior Service Group Company Profile

About Us

Superior Service Group is a Canadian leader of industrial and enterprise based solutions aimed at giving customers a competitive edge by offering them ways to improve their operational efficiency and minimize operational downtime by mitigating risk and damage to property, equipment and personnel.

Currently we specialize in the areas of automatic fire suppression solutions, automatic lubrication solutions and electronic control systems for mobile industrial equipment.

We've partnered with world leading manufacturers to offer customers best-of-breed equipment, systems, and components backed by superior installation, service and support.

Our History

With over 30 years in the heavy equipment service industry, the founders of Superior Service Group realized businesses can greatly improve their operational efficiency by enhancing safety, equipment maintenance and equipment efficiency. After identifying key areas where these ehancements can be made, Superior Service Group was formed in 2010 to offer customers result oriented solutions to help improve their competiveness in the market place.

Our Mission

By closely following and researching industry, technology and social trends, Superior Service Group's mission is to continue playing a key role in offering industry and businesses new ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce operational downtime. At Superior Service Group, we don't just like to follow change - we like to stay ahead of it.

Our Commitment

Superior Service Group is committed to delivering results and exceeding customer expectations by matching customers' needs with the best solutions, using the best products supported by the best service and most importly the best people.