Superior Products & Solutions

Superior Products & Solutions

Superior Service Group offers the best in class service matched with the best of breed products to help customers maximize safety, operational efficiency and performance.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Fight Wear & Tear. Lower Maintenance Costs. Minimize Downtime.

Fire Suppression

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Making Your First Line of Defense Your Best Line of Defense.


Reduce Fuel Consumption & Emissions

Fuel & Carbon Emmission Reduction Systems

Save Fuel While Reducing Emissions.

Active Safety

Active Safety

Maximize Safety & Reduce Risks

Port & Intermodal Equipment

Port & Intermodal Equipment

Reach Stackers, Empty Container Handlers & Forklifts

Dry Bulk Processing & Handling

Dry Bulk Processing & Handling Equipment

Conveyors, Crushers, Screening, Washing


Weighing Systems

Electronic Control & Onboard Weighing Systems

Prevent Overloading & Overworking Your Equipment.


Spare Parts

Spare Parts

If We Don't Have it, We'll Find It.