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Groeneveld has exactly the right type of grease for every application and every system. This is your guarantee for trouble-free operation of your system and perfect lubrication of your machines, vehicles or plants.

The use of the right type of high-quality grease boosts the positive effect of a Groeneveld automatic greasing system to a maximum. Oil and metal soap are the main ingredients of lubricating greases. The oil particles that give the grease their lubricating properties are kept together by the metal soap (also called thickener or 'soap skeleton'). Furthermore, greases contain additives to fight e.g. corrosion and oxidation.

Good quality grease performs the following crucial functions:

  • it prevents metal-to-metal contact between the greased components
  • if forms a protective film around the greasing point and thus prevents the intrusion of polluting elements and moisture
  • it protects against corrosion

When is grease considered suitable?

Greases used in automatic greasing systems must meet several important requirements, such as:

  • The grease must be highly homogenous. Oil and soap should not separate, not even under high pressure or when they have been in the system for a prolonged period of time.
  • The grease is often pumped over substantial distances through thin tubes, where it is subject to significant alterations in temperature. Nevertheless, it must remain easy to pump at all times.
  • The grease must have good 'lubricating properties' and prevent metal-to-metal contact even in the severest conditions (EP value). Also, it must be able to create protective films and provide sufficient protection against corrosion

GreenLube greases: proven quality

Groeneveld had several grease types developed - under it's proprietary brand name, GreenLube - for use in its automatic greasing systems. The balanced formula of the components give Greenlube a number of unique properties:

  • easy to pump, even at low temperatures
  • highly water-resistant
  • keeps its properties in the severest conditions
  • provides good protection against corrosion
  • does not contain heavy metals

Selecting the right grease

Naturally, it is essential that you select the right grease for your application. The choice is determined by the intended use, the operational temperature, ambient factors, the severity of the conditions of use and nature (constant or constantly changing). Groeneveld can advise you on which grease will provide the best results when used in combination with the greasing system that you have selected.

GreenLube Product Literature

Groeneveld GreenLube Datasheet EP-0

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Groeneveld GreenLube Datasheet EP-2

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