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Fuel & Emissions Reduction System

Product Overview


The HydraGEN™ is developed and manufactured by dynaCERT Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of carbon emission reduction technology and are the foremost authority of hydrogen fuel efficiency and emission reduction technology.

dynaCERT Corp

The HydraGEN™ is an on-board hydrogen generator designed to help class 6-8 diesel equipment and vehicles improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. It produces hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2) on demand through the electrolysis of water. Using state-of-the-art Smart ECU (Electronic Control Unit) technology, the system interfaces with the engine's OBD port to learn several important performance parameters, such as air fuel mixture and engine speed, then calculates the precise amount of hydrogen and oxygen to produce and deliver to the engine's air intake, resulting in optimized combustion, improved fuel mileage and less emissions.


The results of HydraGEN™'s optimized combustion are dramatic and multifold:

  • Improved fuel economy and fuel related costs. From to 6-19.2% fuel savings.
  • Reduced DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) consumption
  • Increased torque & horsepower
  • Up to 51% reduction in carbon monoxides (CO)
  • Up to 44% reduction in carbon dioxides (CO2)
  • Up to 50.1% reduction in carbon total hydrocarbons (THC)
  • Up to 46.1% reduction in NOx
  • Greater than 65% reduction in particulate matter
  • Cooler & more efficient running engine
  • Cleaner engine, less carbon build-up
  • Longer lasting engine oil
  • Prolonged engine life

Accredited Third Party Validation  

In addition to millions of miles of on-road testing, The HydraGEN™ is the only product of its kind with results validated by accredited 3rd parties, The University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Oshawa Ontario Canada and The PIT Group.

U of T ACE

The PIT Group

2018 Edison Gold Award

Calculate Fuel & Emissions Reductions


The following calculators are intended to demostrate the potential economic and environmental impact of the HydraGEN™. Actual results may be higher or lower depending on various conditions such as, driving patterns/habits, road conditions and vehicle type. Certain calculator formulas are based on product benchmark data, which may change in the future with product improvements.

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Q: Will the HG1 affect my equipment's warranty?

A: No. Several OEMs have stated aftermarket products, such as fuel additives, oil additives, emission systems or performance/fuel economy enhancing devices will NOT affect their equipment's warranty. However, if an engine failure is attributed to the use of any of these devices/products, the repair costs will not be covered under warranty or extended service coverage.

NOTE: Up to date, there have been NO recorded instances of any engine failure attributed to the HG1.

Q: How long has dynaCERT™ been in business?

A; dynaCERT™ has been in business since 2004.

Q: How safe id the HG1? Is there any risk of it exploding?

A: The HG1 is extremely safe. There is NO risk of the HG1 exploding, because it only produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand, which means any gas produced is combusted. Hydrogen is never stored or pressurized in the system. Additionally, the HG1 only turns on when the engine is running.

Q: Can you use tap water in the HG1?

A: NO. Only DISTILLED water should be used in th HG1.

Q: How often does the the water have to refilled?

A: The HG1's water container holds 5 liters (169 oz or 5.25 qt) and needs to be refilled approximately 4,800 Km (3,000 miles) at an average speed of 70 Km/hr (44 MPH).

Q: What's the difference between the HG1 and the other hydrogen injection systems on the market?

A: There are several differences. The HG1 actually incorporates several patented and patent pending technologies. The key differences are:

  • More efficient gas production (water electrolysis)
  • The separation of H2 and O2 gases
  • Proprietary ECU
  • Telematics capabilities (remote monitoring)
  • Over a decade of R&D
  • Accredited third party validation of Fuel & emission reduction results
  • Commercially proven

HydraGEN™ Downloads

HydroGEN(TM) Online Brochure

HydraGEN™ Electronic Brochure

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HydroGEN(TM) Presentation

HydraGEN™ Slide Presentation

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HydroGEN(TM) Payback Calculator

HydraGEN™ Payback (ROI) Calculator

Calculate fuel cost savings, DEF cost reduction, emissions reduction and return on investment.
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