Superior Service Group wants to protect its employees, subcontractors and customers against accidental losses. To fulfill this promise, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and keeping it that way, as prescribed by industry-recognized practices, and in compliance with legal requirements. We will strive to eliminate any foreseeable danger that could cause injury or illness, fire, property damage or total loss.

Accidental losses can be avoided through the combined action of good management practices and active involvement of employees and subcontractors. Loss Prevention is the direct responsibility of both the employees, contractors and the management of Superior Service Group Inc.

All elements of our occupational health and safety policy apply to all services and contracts.

All contract employees of Superior Service Group must ensure that contractors, subcontractors and associated employees are aware of and comply with this policy.

The organization regarding health and safety at work, and the control exercised on the worksites to follow up this prevention program of Superior Service Group are available on request, in the following documents available at the head office.

  • Letter of commitment from management
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Health and safety policy 2017
  • Anti-corruption policy and code of ethics 2017
  • Privacy policy
  • Sustainable development policy
  • EPI personal protective equipment policy
  • Fatigue management policy
  • Temporary assignment program
  • Policy against violence and bullying
  • Prevention program
  • 2017 RSSM Program (Mining Health and Safety Regulations)

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