Dedicated To Maximum Equipment Safety & Uptime

At Superior Service Group, we believe when our customers entrust their equipment to us, they are also entrusting the safety of their employees and their customers. That is why we provide products and services to maximize operator and jobsite safety.

Our equipment inspection and certification services can help customers's ensure their equipment meet or exceed Occupational Helath and Safety (OH&S) standards and company safety policies.

Inspection Services

External Inspection

  • Visual checks for leaks
  • Cracks and abrasions in the winshield
  • Tire wear or cuts
  • All lights, turn signals and hazard signals
  • doors, locks and hatches
  • hydraulic hoses/lines
  • structural and metal stress

Internal Inspection (Under The Hood)

  • Hoses
  • Fluid levels
  • Belt wear
  • Brakes
  • Gauges/instrumentation
  • Fire Extinguishers/suppression sytems
  • Listen for any unusual noises
  • Engine Oil analysis

Certification Services

Superior Service Group specializes in automatic fire suppression systems and are licensed to certify all types of fire extinguishers and suppressions systems are in proper working order and meet all safety standards.